RC Heli Meeting

Waiting for the next RC heli meeting, we invite you to participate in this virtual competition...

World Heli Sim Competition

This contest is for EVERYONE which is flying 3D Helicopters (Beginners and Professional Pilots).
It's time to take your remote and RECORD a 3 MINUTE MUSIC FLIGHT, send it to us and let's the competition begin.

The event...

For years now, it has enjoyed great success and sees the participation of pilots and families from overseas.
Famous pilots like Mirko Cesena, world acrobrazia 3D champion will be present.
The event contest is open to everyone, and during the event there will be a catering service like every year.


Dont miss the playlist of the pilots who performed at Helimeeting


Fast & Sharp

The challenge requires all pilot's skills:
speed capability and model control
during take-off, maneuvering and landing.


The contest is based on pure speed:
the helicopter's setup
and concentration are fundamental

Scale helicopters

Every year, our hangar shows nice replicas
that require manual skills in construction,
and faithful flight style.

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